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Dear future bae… please and thanks.
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My rosemary tattoo is healed, taken from an old book of herbs, tattooed by Jessie Olsen (anyone in Brisbane looking for a tattoo should hit him up, very happy with his line work)and before you ask, yes, i do regret my adventure time tattoos.
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Sawback Chair
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Roy-Lawrence Residence | Chevalier Morales Architects | Via

Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, the Roy-Lawrence Residence is set in a vast estate very much impregnated with the legacy of a Swiss immigrant family that came to Canada in the 1930’s. To this date, the surroundings of the residence are still defined by bucolic landscapes, iconic Swiss chalets and other buildings of similar nature that were erected along the years, always with a consistent touch of nostalgia.

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